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Conroe Fitness has worked hard to create a fun, effective, and inclusive fitness community. We are here to make everyone more healthy. We welcome all who will join us. Come to a place where everyone knows your name and wants to see you succeed. Everyone who walks through our doors is accepted for who they are….. And then challenged to get better. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been training for a long time. We want to see you succeed and build the confidence to be a better you.

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Client Reviews

“Conroe Fitness is truly a place I call home. It’s not just a gym where people go the get transformed physically but a gym that transforms you mentally as well. My life and overall health is different since I joined the box 8 years ago. I look at fitness differently. It’s apart of my everyday life. Daniel and Andrew have created a place for people to come and feel welcome. They are experienced coaches with training and intelligence for almost every person at every life stage. My journey has gone from beginner, to competitor, to pregnancy and postpartum. They truly are- FAMILY.”
– Tara Austin

“Conroe Fitness has helped change so much for the better. I am a double mastectomy breast cancer kick ass fighter and without the help of Conroe I would not be in the shape I am today. I am 56 and strong and healthy and driven by amazing coaches and an awesome community.”
– Kathleen Stadler

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